Directors & Shareholders

Directors and Shareholders

 CB Shareholder Group

    • Rod Banks (Managing Director)
      Managing Director of CowBank with over 30 years experience in the dairy industry and agri-business. Managing the King Island Dairy factory and farms in the late 1990’s ignited Rod’s passion for dairy farming and ultimately resulted in the formation of CowBank, Australia’s first cattle leasing business.
    • Waanda Van Beek (Chariman)
      Waanda has broad experience in farm and agri-business management. He has dairy and cropping farms in Gippsland and the Riverina and has investment interests in agri-business.

  • Dan O’Brien
    Dan has had a long association with Rod Banks, working together in prior businesses such as King Island Dairy. Dan's primary business concerns are in agri-business, bio-technology and pharmaceuticals, as well as having dairy and cropping farms in south-west Victoria. 
  • David Petersen
    David is a principal of Southern Riverina Vets with a large number of dairy farming clients. David has farming investments and a keen interest in the viability and prosperity of the dairy industry.
  • Darin Blain
    Darin is a successful dairy farmer in south-west Victoria. Darin's farming system is highly productive, whilst also focussed on sustainablity and soil health.
  • Bruce Parncutt
    Bruce is a founding shareholder of CowBank, with long-standing business relationships with Rod Banks. Bruce is a highly experienced financial investor with interests in a diverse range industries.